"I’ve practiced yoga for over ten years, drifting from teacher to teacher and trying out courses all over London. With Pam, I finally feel I want to keep still, to focus and to learn. She is a knowledgeable and confident teacher, able to reflect the mood of her students in her classes. Pam’s approach is genuine and kind but also extremely rigorous. After a session, I always feel stronger, with more energy and awareness of the world around me. I couldn’t recommend Pam highly enough!"  Gemma Seltzer, Arts Council London

"I love Pam's classes. They both challenge and calm me - each time I leave I feel I've created a little bit of space in my life.They're much more intimate than the usual studio based class, but in no way intimidating. Pam is grounded and her classes incredibly nurturing, with just the right balance of inspiring flow postures, pranayama breathing exercises, and relaxation - her yoga nidra will completely take you to another place"
Kate Reynolds-Jones, Psychiatric Nurse, London

"I so look forward to my weekly yoga classes in the park with you - you have a wonderful loving, gentle and authentic teaching style.  This combined with being so close to nature is so uplifting and energizing for me emotionally, physically and mentally.  Bring on more sunny saturdays!"
Rebecca Amos, Reflexologist & Marketing Executive

"Yoga in the park on a Saturday morning with Pam has been a great way to start many of my weekends this summer. There's something very special about practising yoga outside. Having that extra dimension of nature during my practise has been really special and there's so much space - not always available in a yoga studio. Pam is an excellent yoga teacher with a lovely, peaceful aura and her individual guidance throughout the class has been very helpful. Thanks Pam!"
Kim Hardwick, Oncology Nursing Senior
"I really want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your yoga classes. You create a warm, welcoming, safe atmosphere which makes everyone feel very comfortable and able to relax easily. What I particularly like is that you maintain a pace that is very well judged, keeping the flow from one asana to another, fluid but with plenty of rest and reflection moments in between so that each person can really observe the effect each asana gives.
I also really like the way you build up to specific asana with preparation exercises so that each asana is easy to achieve. And what is especially good is that you give very clear direction about how each individual limb should be positioned and why and how to use the breath and abdominal muscles.
You do everything with such good humour and such an engaging way that everyone feels involved and knows that you will come and help them if they need individual attention.
After every session with you I have experienced a sense of peace and wellbeing, and have woken up the following day with lots of energy and a positive outlook."
Carey English, Director Quicksilver Theatre, London
"Pam, thankyou!  That was the best yoga class I've ever done.  I'm so grateful that I had the privelege of one-to-one tuition with you.  I really felt as though I went deep into the postures and that I held them accurately.  My body and mind feel great!  You're a special teacher and thankyou once again!!"
Dan Lavis, Global Marketing Consultant
"I have really enjoyed your classes. I have enjoyed the pace and balance between some quite demanding postures, held for long enough to go deeply into them, and breathing and relaxation.  I have liked the fact that you occasionally 'correct' or make suggestions as to what to focus on in a posture."
Gillian Symmons, Writer/Teacher, London
"Big thanks Pam, it was a wonderful class. I felt so happy looking up at the gentle clouds and inspired to be doing yoga again, powerful stuff I reckon. See you at the next installment of Yummy Yoga!"
Simon Wilson, Publisher
'Pam’s yoga sessions in the park have been revelatory. In the midst of London Fields, unbeknown to me at the time, I found the tools I needed to face my usual city distractions with calm and acceptance. Finding the time to lie on my back and gaze up at a clear autumnal sky through the leaves of a conker tree (letting the thought that a spiky conker could fall on my head at any moment, gently leave, using my newly found sense of serenity) is pretty brilliant and together with Pam’s sense of humour, dedication and attention during her yoga teaching, I find snippets from these Park sessions returning not only to my practice but also to my thoughts regularly.'
Jo Gray, Director, NMB Ltd London
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