Retreats & Workshops

coming this Winter:  VISIONING WORKSHOP - Turn your inner desires into reality
(Dates & East London location TBC)

Join us for this special chance to set clear visions to weave your way clearly and intentionally into your next life goal.  A lovely morning of movement, meditation, journalling and visioning.

An inspirational morning to align with your true potential and manifest your life intentions into reality.

We'll begin with a short meditation followed by some journalling guided by me with some questions to focus on the intentions/goals for the year ahead based on the images you have chosen.  (Questions are designed to allow you to get more clarity on what you are inviting into your life and only you see your answers).

The second part of the workshop will be nurturing yoga movements followed by yoga nidra with sankalpa*.  Sankalpa combined with yoga nidra are profoundly powerful and hold the key to unlocking your bountiful creativity.  From changing habitual negative patterns of behaviour, to adopting a healthy approach to life, to creating a new job or relationship.  This is a simple yet highly transformative practice, done lying down. 

Finally, we will put our Vision Boards together to take home.

I'm so excited to be sharing this workshop with you!   It will be a fun and inspiring gathering so if this speaks to you, make sure you are there - it could be life-changing!

What you need to bring:

- Your journal or notebook
- magazines, papers, leaflets - anything that have images on them.  We will be choosing images for our vision board, so start collecting and saving these items now!
- Yoga mat

* for more information on yoga nidra and sankalpa, please follow this link

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