OPENING TO GRACE - Yoga class with Yoga Nidra

Saturdays 10-11.15am

This 75 min class will be part mindful physical yoga flowing postures and part deep guided conscious rest (yoga nidra);  a space to honour Self as nature, tapping into your divine essence and opening to Grace.

Peel away any deep-held barriers, clear unconscious patterns.  Allow your unique path to open up to greatness, fulfillment, happiness, purpose and be in the creative flow.

By working regularly in this way, we open to our natural ability to flow gracefully in rhythm and balance. We clear any clutter that obstructs the road to freedom and create a new horizon from which to paint a unique and exciting reality!

Centre 151 - in studio 1
151 Whiston Road
E2 8GU        (nearest station Haggerston)     

All Levels welcome     
£10 per class

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